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  • 27. March 2020

Re-education camps, diasppearing people, and plans for global domination? We were filming in China.

Voxpot /
Voxpot /

In China’s Xinjiang province, tens of thousands of members of ethnic minorities have been disappearing in camps, mainly the Uighurs, Kazachs, and Kyrgyz. This West Chinese province has a significant place in the plans for the construction of the New Silk Road, a massive economic project that the current Chinese President Xi Jinping has been striving for since he came into office in 2013.

The New Silk Road is China’s complex financial and commercial strategy for the new millennium. It’s the country’s response to the imbalanced economic situation in the world, trying to enhance the global political and economic influence of the People’s Republic of China. The instability and separatism in the border regions are considered by the Chinese Communist Party as a threat to the ambitious plans for reinforcing their own position in the world.

What connects the efforts for global domination to the concentration and re-education camps in the border areas? Voxpot reporters have set out to find out. Watch our new report, share it with others and let us know what you think about it.