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Bosnia – among the Serbian nationalists

What's the situation like in Bosnia before their general election? What are the reasons behind the rising voices calling for the Crimea scenario for Republika Srpska, the predominantly Serb part of Bosnia? The Voxpot reporters went to Bosnia to investigate the situation.

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Among the Bosnian Islamists

About 300 people left Bosnia in recent years to fight for the Islamic State. Around the year 2015, some representatives of fundamentalism had to leave the country due to their activities, others were imprisoned. Nevertheless, the ultra-orthodox interpretation of Islam has a strong position in some of the Bosnian local communities.

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Pakisti – the valley where the bell tolled for jihad

Pakisti, a valley with the greatest community of muslims in Georgia. Several Kists, out of the 10 thousand, left the place to fight for the Islamic state around the 2015. Pakisti is also the place of origin of Abu Omar al-Shishani, a former War Minister for Isis.

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