About us

Voxpot is formed by reporters, camerawomen, composers, video editors and graphic designers who create reports about politics, society and culture in the interconnected world.

We place the world in the Czech context.

Our focus is on the topics that lack media coverage despite their impact on lives and public debate in the Czech Republic. We track the Czech presence in the world.

People living in the Czech Republic are influenced by the world across the borders whether they want it or not. The borders in the globalized world do not maintain migration, climate change, rising world nationalism, organized crime, nor the impacts of armed conflicts in one country. In reaction to the imbalance between informing about the domestic and international events by the Czech newsrooms, Voxpot was founded.

The Czech newsrooms provide news mainly about the domestic events. The world coverage tends to be sourced from foreign media and news agencies. However, we strongly believe that it is crucial to have original news reports focused on the international affairs and done by domestic reporters and analysers so that the domestic audience can understand the fast changing current world within the Czech context.



Original reporting content focused on the international affairs is crucial for understanding the current, fast changing world.

We are a channel of audiovisual reporting news for any viewers who seek the best information explained in a wide context.

We don't create the content for ourselves. We are building a community of people who are interested in the world and who want to understand it. Our reporters can be also seen in different media which can't afford to pay their own reporters abroad due to their focus on the Czech scene. We also publish our reporting news in foreign media so that the Central European point of view on international affairs is heard across the borders. We work on the international scene and we bring the newest trends from the world to Czech journalism.

Original reporting content focused on the international affairs is crucial for understanding the current, fast changing world.

Náš tým
Vojtěch Boháč
Editor-in-chief, co-founder, reporter

Coverage of conflicts, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East. He previously worked for the daily Právo, the Reporter magazine, Deník Referendum, A2larm and the Moscow Times.

I am inspired by: The Atlantic, Vice News, BBC.

Aneta Václavíková
co-founder, camerawoman, video editor

Focus on visual narrative, filmmaking science and media audiences.

Veronika Sikova
project coordinator, fundraiser

Interest in: education policies, media literacy; civil society activism and volunteering; the EU, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Caucasus. She worked in the field of project management in Tbilisi (Social Science Centre) and at the Czech Government Office.